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By Ben Baynes


  1. When worming in coloured water, a coloured bead placed above the swivel can add a visual stimulus to the bait.


  1. Use stret-pegging (letting the current move the position of the float by giving line out) across the river action when using worms. This involves casting to the far bank and using a staggered action to bring your bait to rest below you. Your main line should only be released a couple of feet at a time 3 or 4 times on its journey across/downstream.


  1. When the river is dropping fast and the salmon are not taking too well, try upstream spinning with a Flying C or a Toby spoon. Your retrieve should be extremely fast, even combined with a few steps up stream.


  1. To improve the hooking capability of a spoon lure esp. Toby spoons, the addition of a 2nd split ring between the hook and the lure should improve the hooking ratio.


  1. When choosing a fly, the adage “dark day, dark fly – bright day, bright fly ” is a sound guideline to fly selection.


  1. When fly-fishing fast flowing water and your fly ” skates ” despite a downstream mend, try several rapid steps downstream whilst mending.


  1. When fly-fishing slow-moving water,a technique that generates more interest from salmon is ” backing up “. Commence fishing downstream of a chosen stretch, cast squarely across, take several rapid steps upstream and retrieve extremely fast. If a take is induced, it is usually bordering on violent! However, be aware that this technique is best done on a pool where there are no other anglers present as you may infringe on normal angling etiquette.


  1. Regardless of which knots are used for angling, the appliance of saliva or water helps prevent undue friction when tightening up. This also helps to set the knot properly.


  1. When wading in the river with a wading stick, think of the stick as a ” third leg “. To help with balance keep one of your legs + the stick on the river bottom at all possible times.


  1. Finally, a tip to keep your net mesh intact and lessen the damage to it during angling – use a heavy elastic band tie it up in a bun like a lady ties up her hair.


Tight Lines!

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