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East Mayo Anglers' Association Club Rules

  1. It is contrary to the rules of the East Mayo Anglers’ Association for any person to fish without:
  2. A permit is for a single rod and line.
  3. Fishing shall not begin before 8 a.m and end at 10pm.
  4. Poaching in any form is a serious breach of club rules.
  5. No permit holder shall fish prawn or shrimp or any unsporting or illegal thing or substance.
  6. You may not take up a permanent position or hold a pool: this interferes with the rights of other anglers.
  7. Co-operation and respect must be shown at all times to the “Water Keepers”, committee members, staff and fellow anglers. Farmer’s property and the environment must also be fully respected. Disregarding the rules and those pertaining to illegal fishing may incur penalties.
  8. If you are found indulging in any unsportsmanlike activity, the committee reserves the right to withdraw your permit.
  9. The committee does not accept responsibility for losses or injuries while fishing.
  10. Bag limit 1 fish per day up until May 11th and 3 fish during this period. 3 fish per day up to Aug 31st, 1 fish per day from Sept 1st unless Government Bye Laws state otherwise.

East Mayo Anglers’ Association draws your attention to the following:

  1. By purchasing a permit(s) on eastmayoanglers.com, you and each permit holder for whom you purchase a permit agree to respect and co-operate with its “Water Keepers” and to provide full disclosure of fish caught.
  2. You, and each permit holder, undertake to respect the river environment and the property owners lands through which you pass.
  3. Permit holders must carry photographic identification, valid passport or drivers license, and must present identification, a permit and a state licence when requested by the “Water Keepers” of East Mayo Anglers’ Association.
  4. By ticking the “Agree to T & C’s” box when purchasing a permit(s), you and each permit holder for whom you purchased a permit, agree to abide by the laws of Ireland and the rules of East Mayo Anglers’ Association (EMAA). The EMAA reserves the right to withdraw the permit of any person in breach of the Rules.

In addition to an EMAA permit, all anglers must also purchase a State licence.

The cost of these licences are as follows:

 Licence Fees (2023)

National (i.e. all Districts)  € 100.00 per annum

Juvenile (under the age of 18 years) All Districts €  10.00 per annum

One District €  64.00 per annum

All districts 21 Days €  50.00

All districts 1 Day €  36.00

State Licences can be purchased locally at the following locations:

East Mayo Anglers’ Association Office, Market St, Swinford Tel: 00353 (0) 94 92 53955

Tiernan Brothers, Foxford, Tel: 00353 (0) 94 92 56731


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