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East Mayo Anglers' Association Fishery

The Finest Salmon Fishery In Ireland

East Mayo Anglers’ Association – The Fishery

The East Mayo Angling Association manages some nine miles of double bank fishing on the middle Moy offering a variety of stretches suitable for both high and low water fishing and stretches suitable for bait and fly fishing. The Association’s water incorporates some of the finest fly-fishing runs and natural holding pools in the Moy system. One of the distinctions of Irish salmon angling is that prime stretches of quality water are often available at reasonable rates to the visitor on Association or day permit waters.

Waters such as the East Mayo Anglers’ Association’s stretch of the River Moy offers spring, summer and autumn runs of salmon. With the recent cessation of Irish drift netting and the ending of salmon trapping on the Moy system the Spring fishing and some mid summer salmon and grilse fishing on the Moy has been improving steadily. The River Moy’s reputation precedes it as the most prolific salmon river in Ireland.  Most importantly for the visiting angler it is also one of the most consistent salmon fishing rivers in Ireland and does not suffer from poor fishing in low water conditions in the same way that other rivers do.


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