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Mayo North East in Conjunction with East Mayo Anglers are looking to recruit a number of participants onto the Rural Social Scheme to work in maintaining the East Mayo Anglers fishery waters in 2022.

A position entails working part-time 19.5 hours per week, working outdoors, maintaining walkways, stiles and access along the river.

While on the RSS you retain your current social welfare payment with an additional top up, you will also benefit by making a PRSI contribution.

To be eligible to work on the RSS you must be in receipt of a social welfare payment such as Jobseekers Allowance/ Farm Assist

Only one RSS place per herd number is allowed. You must also be linked to an active family farm or fishing industry.  The RSS is primarily aimed at the farmer in the household, but the Spouse, Partner, Brother, Sister, Adult Daughter or Son of the farmer may be eligible for participation on the RSS if they meet the eligibility criteria set down by the Department of Social Protection.

If you need further information or are interested in participating on the Rural Social Scheme please contact Mary Boyle.

Tel: 087 2123029

Email: maryboyle@mnelp.com

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