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(Pictured: Bernard Mannion and his grandson Jack Dolan.)

Bernard Mannion

For Bernard Mannion fishing was a big part of his childhood. So, it is no wonder that Bernard’s Grandson Jack Dolan is showing signs of being a promising angler at the age of 12. Growing up in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon Bernard grew up fishing with his father, neighbours and friends. Here he had access to the fruitful tributary rivers of the River Suck and local lake Lough O’Flynn. This is how Bernard introduced his Grandson to the basic fundamentals of the art of fishing – a spin out on the boat in the Lough O’Flynn and a walk down the Clonard River for short durations of time to see if Jack would develop an appetite for the sport.

But Jacks real love for the sport developed after a day trip to the River Moy where Bernard is a member of the East Mayo Anglers and as a  birthday present paid for Jack’s membership to the club and his salmon licence. Here the anticipation and eagerness to catch a Salmon ignited a whole new interest in Jack.

The patience shown by his grandfather in coaching Jacks casting, providing words of encouragement and experience until at last Jack struck gold and caught his first salmon. The facilities in East Mayo are second to none – the environment available to junior anglers who want to develop their interest in the sport is superior. The club members and water keepers take an active interest in their members and particularly junior members, wanting and willing them to succeed and experience the thrill of landing a fresh wild salmon. It was this experience in conjunction with tutorage from his Grandfather, that keeps Jack returning to East Mayo and developing his skills as a salmon angler.

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