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by Jim Kavanagh


Angling on the riverbank is not considered to be a particularly dangerous activity but as with all activities sensible precautions should be taken. Students and Novices would be well advised to read this article.

Life Jackets

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Wear A Life Jacket – Image by Collin Quinn Lomax / Shutterstock.com

Life Jackets must always be worn by both adults and children on the banks. Visually check your life jackets for both yourself and children are in good repair and correctly secured.


All anglers should wear suitable protective waterproof clothing for the prevailing weather conditions and appropriate nonslip footwear.

The fly-fishing angler should wear protective sunglasses, a hat and carry a staff. Waders must be watertight and ensure you have layers of clothes to keep out the cold. Wading boots have appropriate nonslip grip.

Water & Weather Conditions

Study the weather reports and expected water conditions.

Look on our website for weather forecast and water levels. Anticipate rain levels forecast and how water levels may vary at different times of the day.

Safety on the Riverbank

Do not take risks when fishing from a slippery bank or near deep and fast flowing water.

Before wading check the depth with your pole and visually check your entry and exit spot is within your capability to climb in and out.

Notice and avoid casting near overhead power lines.

Who knows where you will be?

Tell someone where you are going to fish and what time you expect to return home.

Advise what to do if you do not turn up and who to contact.

Kit to carry with you

  • Fishing Tackle & Net
  • Life Jacket, Wading Pole
  • Spare warm clothing
  • Water & Snack (for hydration and sustenance)
  • Midge Repellent
  • Head Torch
  • Mobile in a waterproof bag in case of emergency.

Emergency Numbers

Call 112 or 999.  State your location and situation.

More Information on Safety

Make sure you are fully informed on all safety matters. Visit Inland Fisheries Ireland Safety Advice and I highly recommend learning how to wade safely. Professional ghillies provide advice on all safety aspects on the water

Just keep in mind these common-sense safety tips to make sure your fishing is enjoyable and safe.

If you have safety questions, please call either me on 086 8517345 or John Ruane on 085 1782451

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Jim Kavanagh EMAA Water Keeper & Bailiff

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