To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 6th May’18. Water height this morning is 0.5mtrs and suitable for Wom, Spinner and Fly. Sorry about the delay in sending out the report as it was a Bank holiday. You can download a copy of the report here wk ending 6th May’18

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Kiltimagh angler takes a 13lb salmon on East Mayo Anglers waters




East Mayo Anglers Association
Angling Return          Week ending Sunday 6th May  2018
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments

30th Apr

0.6 3 1 2 0 0 Pascal Nicolas France 9lbs Fly; Mike Dench UK 11.5lbs Fly; Gerard Portes France 10lb Fly

1st May


0.5 5 0 1 2 2 Ian Guegan Callow, 13lb Fly (R); Pascal Nicolas, France 10lb Sp; Gerard Portes France 11lb Fly; Anthony Lynch Swinford 8lb W; Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Guille) 10lb Fly (R)




0.9 7 1 4 0 2 Ian Guegan Callow 10lb Fly (R); Paddy McDonnell 8lb Fly (R); Sean Maye 8lb fly; Bob Mayne, Bonniconlon 8lb W; Barry O’Shea Kiltimagh 13lb Sp; Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Guille) 13+8lb Fly (R);


0.8 11 0 3 5 3 Martn McKenny Louth 11lb W; Gerard Portes France 9+8lb Fly (R); Barry Doocey Castlebar 9.5lb Fly; Brendan Dowrey 11lb Sp; John Noad UK 9lb Fly; Pascal Nicolas France 10lb Fly (R); Sean Healy Swinford 10lb Sp; Mick Halligan Castlebar 8lb W; Jim Whelan Swinford 12lb W; Lenny Thompson Kiltimagh 10lb Sp


0.7 9 2 3 3 1 Roy Wilson N.Irl 12lb Fly; Derer Wiseman Offaly 7lb Sp; Paul Smyth Ballina 10lb Fly; Brendan O’shea Kiltimagh 9lb sp;  Pascal Nicolas France 9lb Fly (R); Ian Guegan Callow 10lb Fly (R); Reto Coutalides Switzerland 10lb Fly (R); Gerard Portes France 7lb Fly (R); Pascal Nicolas France 8lb Fly (R);



0.7 4 0 0 2 2 Mick Dench UK 7lb Fly; Tony Kelly Kiltimagh 10lb W; Thomas Rowley Swinford 11lb Sp; Brendan O’Shea Kiltimagh 8lb Sp;


0.6 5 1 1 2 1 Garrett McMorrow N.Irl 8lb W; Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Guille) 8+7lb Fly (R); Dermot Drain N.Irl 7lb Fly (R); Brendan O’Shea Kiltimagh 10lb Sp
Total Salmon                 27  Fish Taken

17   Fish Released






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