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To all Anglers,

Well, today is our last Catch Report for the season. The total salmon for the season was 889 with 565 Taken and 324 Released.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank you all for your support in 2018 and hope to see you all in the 2019 season.

Until then, have a safe and healthy winter. You can download a copy of the report here Wk ending 30th Sept’18



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Noel Quigley, Ballina 6lbs salmon taken at Bridge to Cloongee stretch on 9/9/18

East Mayo Anglers Association
Angling Return          Week ending Sunday 30th September 2018
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments


0.70 7 0 2 2 3 Kevin Dolan Galway 8+3.5lbs (R) Fly; Ian Guegan Callow 11+4lbs (R) Fly; Kevin Crawley Sligo 10lbs (R) Fly; Eddie Gaynor Dublin 9lb Fly; Michael Weisser Germany 7lb (R) Fly


0.60 9 0 2 4 3 John Mellett Clare 9lb Fly; Lothar Deeg Germany 7lb Fly; Peter Toode 5lb Fly; Dr Ansgar Vonderhaar Germany 5lb (T)+8+3lb (R) Fly; Christin Scieur France 5lb Fly; Vincent Poirier France 4lb Fly; David Drury Foxford 3lb (R) Sp



0.55 4 0 3 0 1 Paul McGrath Meelick 6+3lb (R) Fly; Vincent Poirier France 3lb Fly; Gochen Schwalp Germany 5lb Fly


0.55 8 0 3 2 3 Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Gillie) 8+6+4lb (R) Fly; Christin Scieur France 4lb Sp; Frank Klopper Germany 9lb Fly; Vincent Poirier France 5lb (R) Fly; Gochen Schwalp Germany 6lb (T)+4lb (R) Fly


0.50 16 0 5 4 7 Pat McNulty, Swinford 1.5lb (R) Fly; John Geary, Dublin 3lb (R)+4lb (T) Fly; Steven Bailey N.Irl 3lb (T)+9lb (R) Fly; Colin Cooke UK 4lb (R); Wolfgang Belger Germany 11lb Fly; Gochen Schwalp Germany 6lb (T)+5+4lb (R) Fly; Alan Bouvet France 4lb Fly; Lother Deeg Germany 5lb Fly; Thomas Glacken Dublin 4lb Fly; Shane Moloney Mayo 6lb Fly; Billy McGhee Ballyvary 5+3lb (R) Fly


0.45 11 0 2 5 4 Chris Kelly Sligo 4lb (T)+5lb (R) fly; John McDonagh Galway 6lb (T)+5lb (R); Phil Beirne Castlebar 3lb (T)+ 4lb (R) Fly; Steven Baliey N.Irl 4lb (T)+9+5lb (R) Fly; Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Gillie) 9+7lb (R) Fly


0.40 8 0 0 2 6 Ewan MacGregor Scotland 4lb (R) Fly; Steven Bailey UK 10+6+5+5lb (R); Thomas Glacken Dublin 6lb W; Aidan Beirne 6lb (R) Fly; Donal Ffrench O’Carroll Dublin 5lb (R) Fly
Total Salmon                 25  Fish Taken

38  Fish Released



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