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To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 30th July 2023. You can also download a copy of the report here: week ending 30th July’23





Week ending Sunday 30th July 2023





Water Height


Number of fish Comments


Monday 24th

1.29 4 Shane Maloney Ballina 9lb Sp (R); Brendan McGarry Offaly 4.5lbs (T)+8lb (R) Sp; Mark Venglar Dublin 6lb W


Tuesday 25th

0.89 2 Mark Kirwan Meath 2lb (R) Fly; Gerard Reynolds Cavan 4lb W


Wednesday 26th

0.73 3 Brendan Wilson Swinford 1.5lb Seatrout (R) Fly; Charistian Anst Germany 5lb Sp; Jack Spieler Germany 4lb Sp


Thursday 27th

0.98 5 Noch Benahan 4lb Sp; Isabel Gallagher Swinford 3.5lb W; Berchard Gilles France 4lb Sp; Paul Kelly Sligo 5lb Sp; Eric Junod France 4.5lb Sp


Friday 28th

0.81 5 Michael Gallagher Wicklow 5lb Fly; Seamus Kenny Charlestown 4.5lb Sp; Pete McDonnell Castlebar 4lb (R)W; Mick Browne Carlow 4lb Sp; Ian Guegan Foxford 3lb (R)Fly


Saturday 29th

0.74 6 Dave Byrne Louth 6lb Fly; Stephen Lyons Galway 3.5lb (R) W; Tommy Glacken Dublin 9lb W; Brian Connolly Castlebar 4.5lb Fly; Noel Lydon Kiltimagh 6lb W; Frank Sommer Germany 7lb (R) Fly


Sunday 30th

0.86 7 Pete Davis Limerick 5lb (R) Fly; Lenny thompson 6lb (T)+3.5+4lb (R) Fly; Dave Byrne Louth 5lb Fly; Jim Ruane Castlebar 5+10lb Sp



    Taken: 21

Released: 11

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