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To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 2nd June 2024. You can also download a copy of the report here: Week ending 2nd June’24





Week ending Sunday 2nd June 2024





Water Height


Number of fish Comments


Monday 27th May

1.76 4 Christian Bardet France 10lb W; Margaret Logue Kildare 8lb W; Sean Woods 10lb Fly (R); Eamon McGreevy Swinford 7lb W (R)


Tuesday 28th

0.93 8 Jimmy Burns 9lb W; Mike Haywood UK 6lb Sp; Paul Smyth Tipperary 9.5lb Sp; Eamon Walsh Charlestown 6lb Sp; Michael McKenna Louth 4.5lb Sp; Ludwigh Smarsley France 6.5lb Sp; Ruedigen Smarsley France 9.5lb Sp; Tomas Rowley Swinford 7lb Sp;


Wednesday 29th

0.99 10 Martin McKenna Louth 9lb W; Michael Reid UK 7+12lb Sp; Lother Deeg Germany 12lb Fly; David O’Hagan Wicklow 10.5lb Sp (R); Peter Comny Dublin 6lb W; Pete Kibel UK 7.5lb Sp (R); Widenbaver Burkhard Austria 3lb Sp (R); Noel Power Kildare 10lb sp; Ian Guegan Foxford 8.5lb Sp (R)


Thursday 30th

0.81 1 John Mulligan Athlone 7lb W;


Friday 31st

0.87 7 Nathan Kane N.Irl 11lb Sp (R); Matthew Prendergast N.Irl 4lb Sp (R); David Brown Castlebar 7lb Sp; Clarion Renzi Switzerland 13lb W; Peter Martin 8lb Fly; Jonathan O’Neill 6lb W; Venglar Mareham Dublin 8lb Sp;


Saturday 1st

0.67 2 Jeffrey Kilgallon Athlone 9lb W; Michael Meade N.Irl 4lb Fly (R)


Sunday 2nd

0.54 0  



    Taken: 23

Released: 9

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