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To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 23rd July 2023. You can also download a copy of the report here: week ending 23rd July’23






Week ending Sunday 23rd July 2023





Water Height


Number of fish Comments


Monday 17th

1.36 16 Tony Kelly Kiltimagh 7lb Sp; Michael Gallagher Wicklow 8lb Floy (R); Jack Roache Kiltimagh 10lb W; Jonathan O’Neill Cork 7lb Sp; Ciaran Reid Bohola 10lb W; Roy Mortimer Swinford 4.5lb Sp; Liam Langan Swinford 5lb Sp; John McDonagh Galway 7.5lb Sp; Martin Curley 5lb W; Paul McGrath Meelick 4.5lb (T)+5+8lb (R)Sp; Ian Guegan Foxford 2.5+4+4lb Sp (R); Declan Connolly Castlebar 2.5lb W


Tuesday 18th

0.91 20 Matthew Cashin Roscommon 6lb Fly (R); Frank Walsh Charlestown 3.5lb W; Isabel Gallagher Swinford 5lb Wp; Dave Byrne 2.5lb Sp; John McLoughlin 3lb Sp; Peter Todd Meelick 5lb W; Billy McGhee Ballyvary 3+4lb Fly (R); Enda Cunnane Knock 3lb Fly (R); Paddy McDonnell Swinford 4lb Sp; Ciaran Reid 3.5lb Sp; John Hughes Ballyvary 10lb W; Garrett Dnphy Laois 2lb Fly; Miguel Gomes Spain 5.5lb Fly; JP Guiblain Bohola 8lb Sp; Lenny thompson Kiltimagh 10lb (T)+5lb (R) Sp; Paul Kelly Sligo 3lb Sp (R); Pascal Nicolas France 2+10lb (R) Fly


Wednesday 19th

0.84 20 Frank Duffy Castlebar 9lb (T)+2.5+3lb (R) Fly; Alan Andrews N.Irl 11lb Fly; Nigel Kells N.Irl 3lb Sp (R); David Brown Castlebar 4.5+5lb (T)+4.5lb (R) Sp; Declan Connolly Castlebar 3.5lb (T)+3lb (R) W; Conor Deffely Castlebar 3+3.5lb (R) Fly; Brian Malone Dublin 4lb (T)+6lb (R) Sp; Sean Ivory 4lb (T)+3lb (R) Fly; John Casserly Sligo 5lb Fly; Niall Tonge 4.5lb Fly; Ian Guegan 3+4lb (R) Sp


Thursday 20th

0.69 15 Ian Guegan 4lb (R) Sp; Philip Harte 13lb Fly (R); Fergal Smyth Kilmovee 8lb Sp; Liam Langan Swinford 4lb Sp; Aidan Connolly Athlone 5lb Fly; Pete McCaughey Louth 2+7lb Fly; Ian Carter Wexford 2.5lb Sp; Marcus Humber 8lb Fly; Steffan Wetzel Germany 5lb Fly; Michael Gallagher Wicklow 3lb Fly (R); Matthew Cashin Roscommon 4lb Fly (R); Joseph Martin 4+5lb (T)+ 3.5lb (R) Sp


Friday 21st

0.57 13 Kevin Gallagher Mount Falcon 5lb Sp; Mick Duffy Longford 4lb W; Eamon McGreevy Swinford 3.5lb W; Donal Keating 5lb (T)+2.5lb (R) Fly; Jerard Reidy Limerick 4lb Fly; Steffan Wetzel Germany 4lb Fly; Aidan Connolly Athlone 3.5lb Fly (R); Seamus O’Sullivan 3.5lb Sp (R); Lenny Thompson Kiltimagh 9llb (T)+4+5lb (R) Fly; Ian Guegan Foxford 3.5lb (R) Fly


Saturday 22nd

0.71 5 Eamon Lally Galway 3.5lb W; Lars Friebertshaenser Germany 3+4lb Sp; Seamus O’Sullivan 4lb Sp; Jonathan O’Neill Cork 4lb Sp;


Sunday 23rd

2.20 2 Declan Quinn Dublin 3lb W; Lenny Thompson Kiltimagh 4lb W



Taken: 53

Released: 38

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