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To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 16th July 2023. You can also download a copy of the report here: week ending 16th July’23





Week ending Sunday 16th July 2023





Water Height


Number of fish Comments


Monday 10th

0.38 9 Bernard Mannion Castlerea 5lb (T)+3.5lb (R) Fly; Jean Yves Giraud France 3lb W; Rory Murray Kerry 4+6lb Fly (R); Paul McGrath Meelick 4lb Fly (R); Mark Roche Cork 4lb W (R); John McCaughey Louth 2+2lb Fly (R)


Tuesday 11th

0.36 10 Frank Duffy Castlebar 2.5+3.5lb Fly; Garrett McMorris N.Irl 3.5lb W; Tommy Cooper Scotland 3+4lb W; Stephen Kearns N.Irl 3.5lb W; John McGrath Clare 7lb W; John McHugh Castlebar 7.5lb Fly; Niall Buckley 4lb Sp; Pascal Nicolas France 5lb Fly (R)


Wednesday 12th

0.35 5 JP Guiblain Bohola 4lb Fly; Jean Yves Giraud France 2.5lb (T)+3lb (R) W; Martin Williams Kilkelly 7.5lb W; Eamon McGreevy Swinford 3.5lb W


Thursday 13th

0.37 2 Martin Grennan Kilkenny 4.5lb Fly; Eamon Greevy Swinford 4lb W


Friday 14th

0.35 3 Vincent McCabe N.Irl 4lb (R) W; Joey Casey Rosommon 7lb Fly (R); Martin Sheridan Mullingar 5lb Fly (R)


Saturday 15th

1.68 2 Frank Woods Louth 5lb W; Eamon McGreevy Swinford 3lb W


Sunday 16th

2.27 1 Greg Carroll Offaly 10lb W



Taken: 20

Released: 12

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