To all Anglers,

Please find below, Catch Report for week ending 11th June’17. Water height this morning is 1.0mtr and a little cloudy. It is suitable for Spinner and Worm at the moment and should be ok for Fly later in the day. We had a great count of fish last week with 110 fish taken and 10 released. You can download a copy of the report here wk ending 11th June’17



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Thomas Jean Claude, France with a 3.5lbs+4.5lbs salmon caught on the Ballylahan to Cloongee stretch


East Mayo Anglers Association
Angling Return          Week ending Sunday 11th June 2017
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments


0.45 10 1 3 3 3 Mattia Cestonaro Italy 9lbs Fly; Lennie Thompson Kiltimagh 5lbs Sp; Tony Kelly Kiltimagh 8+7lbs Worm; Anthony Lynch Killasser 7lbs Worm; Gerard Marais 6+4lbs Worm; Servager Hugues 5lbs Worm; Paul Waterhouse Isle of Man 8lbs Worm; Aiden Connelly Athlone 5lbs Worm


0.65 29 3 6 10 10 Aiden Connolly Athlone 3lbs (R)+12+9+4lbs (T); Declan McNulty Swinford 5lbs W; Peter O’Farrell Galway 5lbs Fly; Claude Mury France 8+5+3lbs; Gerard Acker France 7+4+3lbsFly; Gerard Marais France 3lbs Fly; Molvanx Dunard Germany 4lbs Fly; TJ Claud France 5+4+3lbs Fly; Lennie Thompson Kiltimagh 14+6+6lbs Sp; Bernard Hee 4lbs W; Thomas Lawless Castlebar 5lbs W; John Connolly Roscommon 8lbs Sp; Gerry Craig 10lbs Sp; Anthony Lynch Killasser 5lbs W; Peter McGuinness Galway 8lbs Fly; Sean Healy Swinford 6lbs Sp; Luke Maber Kiltimagh 7+5lbs W



0.55 18 0 5 5 8 Ian Guegan Callow 6+5lbs Fly (R); Bob Mayne Bonniconlon 4lbs Worm; Philip Durand France 8+3lbs Fly; John O’Connor Foxford 12lbs W; Jim Wheelan Swinford 13+5lbs Sp; Philip Seerager France 4+3lbs Fly; Philip Coudland France 3lbs Fly; Brendan Wilson Swinford 4lbs Fly; Reto Coutalides Germany 5.5lbs Fly; Paul Smyth Tipperary 9lbs Sp; Garry Binley Foxford 7lbs Fly; Gerard Acker France 7+3lbs W; Claud Mury France 4lbs Fly



0.55 23 0 6 7 10 Paddy McDonnell Swinford 5+4lbs Fly (R);

P Ribenont Austria 6lb Fly; J. Colgan Kildare 9+6lb W; JC Thomme Belgium 8+4lb W; Fernand Durand Germany 3lb W; Gerard Marias France 7+3lb Fly; B. Molvany 9lb W; S McEllin Castlebar 6lb W;John O’Connor Foxford 8lb W; Isabel Gallagher Swinford 8.5lb Sp; Jim Wheelan Swinford 5lbs Sp; Jim Kilcoyne Charlestown 6lb W; Wolfgana Stiller Germany 5lbs Fly; Lenny thompson Kiltimagh 4lb Sp; Paul Waterhouse Isle of Man 5.5 fly; Claud Mury France 4+4lbs W; Thomas J Claud France 4lbs Fly; Gerard Acker France 3lb W;



1.0 8 0 0 2 6 John O’Connor Foxford 10+6+6lbs; Garret McMorrow N.Irl 5lb W; Glen Parry Foxford 8lb W; Jimmy Kilcoyne Charlestown 8lb W; Declan Quinn 3lb W; Noel Lydon 5lb W


1.2 7 0 0 2 5 David Grey N.Irl 6lb Sp; Caimin Turner 10lb Sp; Gerard Acker France 3lb W; Paul Waterhouse Isle of Man 6lb sp; David Burke 8lbs sp; Walter Posselt Foxford 6lb W; Martin Curley Castlebar 8lb W


0.9 25 3 4 8 10 Paddy McDonnell Swinford 12+4lb Fly (R);Danny Irwin Foxford 4lb (R); colin Nesbitt N.Irl 4+3lb W (R)+8+6lbs W (T); Henry Cook Swinford 4lb W; Garrett McMorrow N.Irl 6lb W; Noel Power Kildare 5lb Sp; Manfred Hilbe Austria 8lb Fly; Paul Maguire 9+4lb W; J O’Connor Foxford 6lb W; Tom Rowley Swinford 10llb W; P Waterhouse Isle of Man 6lb Sp; Reto Coutalides Germany 3lb Sp; David White; Reto Coutaldies Germanyu 3lb Sp; David White 8+7lb Sp; Brendan McGarry N.Irl 4lb Sp; Tom Browne 5lb W; Jim Horlouck 10ln W; Bill Cleary Dublin 8lb W; Eamon Lally Galway 4lb W; Jim Kilgallon Swinford 4lb W;
Total Salmon        110   Fish Taken

10   Fish Released



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