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Good morning Anglers

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 9th June’19. There has been many fine salmon taken this week and you can see some of them on our website and Facebook page. Water level this morning is 0.80mtrs and suitable for Fly, Worm or Spinner. You can also download a copy of the report here wk ending 9th June’19

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Kiltimagh man Tony Kelly lands an 18lbs Salmon on East Mayo Anglers Waters


East Mayo Anglers Association
Angling Return          Week ending Sunday 9th June  2019
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments


0.90 30 0 8 11 11 Patrick Doherty Snr Straide 8+10lbs Sp; Daniel Fiante France 7lb W; Barry O’Shea Kiltimagh 8lb Sp; Billy Hyland Straide 10lb Sp; Simon O’Connor 6lb sp; Michael Reid UK 8lb Sp; Thomas Rowley Swinford 12+11lbs Sp; John O’Connor Foxford 8lb Sp; Aiden Bennett 12lb W; Jim Kelly Sligo 14lb W; Thomas Murtauch Germany 11+10lb Sp; Ronald Monaghan 8lb W; John Ward 10+4lb Sp; Ethna Ward 10lb Sp; BB Flanaghan Kildare 11lb Sp; Marc Tromme Belgium 7lb Sp; Mr Valdas 4lb Sp; Sergio Perezzani Belgium 7lb Sp; John Connolly Castlerea 8.5lb W; John McDonagh Galway 9lb W; Joe Barber Sligo 10lb Sp; Dean Flannagan 9lb Sp; Michael O’Kane N.Irl 7lb Sp; Sylvester Sorczak Poland 10lb sp; Paul Kelly Sligo 8.5lb (T)+10lb (R)



0.80 25 2 5 9 9 Claude Thomas France 12lb W; Philippe Durand France 8lb W; John O’Connor Foxford 10lb W; Barry O’Shea Kiltimagh 8lb Sp; Martin Funiss Roscommon 13lb W; Jacquemin Marcel Belgium 8lb W; Paul McGuire Foxford 9lb W; Lothar Deeg Germany 8lb Fly; Frank Walsh Charlestown 8lb Sp; Michael O’Kane N.Irl 17+9lb Fly; John Seery 8lb W; Peter Conmy Ballina 11lb (T)+9+8lb (R) Fly; Lenny Thompson Dublin 9lb Sp; Michael Reid Bohola 9.5lb Sp; Gerard Acker France 4lb W+10lb Sp; Paul Kelly Sligo 10lb Sp; Claud Landate France 3lb Sp; Jimmy Cason 5lb (R) Sp; Kevin Gallagher 10lb Sp; Louis Plantier Germany 8lb W; Mathius Kirt Germany 6lb sp



1.30 3 0 1 1 1 Walter Posselt Foxford 12lb W; John O’Connor Foxford 12.5lb W; Edwin Dewald Germany 6lb Sp


1.80 1 0 0 0 1 Walter Posselt Foxford 9lb Worm


1.90 3 1 0 0 2 Danny Irwin Foxford 14lb W; Vetter Helmut Austria 10lb sp; Ben Breen Castlebar 7 3/4lbs W


1.10 10 0 1 4 5 Tony Kelly Kiltimagh 18lb W; Jeffery Kilgallon Athlone 9lb W; Winnie Brady 9lb Sp; David Drury Foxford 8lb Sp; Danny Irwin Foxford 4lb Fly; John Colgan Kildare 10lb W; Pat McNulty Swinford 10lb W; Thery Jadowski France 13lb Fly; Bernard Mannion Roscommon 13lb W; Donal Reilly Foxford 8lb Sp


0.90 13 0 2 4 7 Ian Guegan Callow 8lb (R) Fly; Mike Haywood UK 3.5lb W; John Buckley Athlone 10lb W; Vinnie Moran Kildare 9lb Sp; Kevin Crawley Sligo 8lb Sp; Declan McNulty Swinford 8lb (T)+4+3lb (R) W; Paul Smyth Tipperary 3lb Sp; David Drury Foxfrord 10.5lb Sp; Noel Lydon Kiltimagh 3.5lb Sp; Jerard Marais France 12lb W; John Seery 9lb W
Total Salmon                78   Fish Taken

7  Fish Released



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