To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 7th July’19. Water height this morning is 0.20 mtrs. You can download a copy of the report here wk ending 7th July’19

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Proud 10 year old Liam Healy Swinford with his 4lb salmon taken on East Mayo Anglers Waters


East Mayo Anglers Association
Angling Return          Week ending Sunday 7th July 2019
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments

1st July

0.30 13 0 3 5 5 Ian Guegan Callow 5lb (T)+ 9+6lb (R) Fly; JP Guiblain Bohola 6+4lb (T)+ 3+2lb (R) Fly; Geoff Belcher UK 5+4lb Worm; Gary Clayton UK 3.5lb Worm; Billy McGhee Ballyvary 4lb (T)+9lb (R) Fly; Barry Doocey Ballyvary 4.5lb Fly


0.25 8


0 1 2 5 Garrett McMorris N.Irl 3lb (R) Fly; Jim Kavanagh 3lb (T)+2lb (R) Fly; Vincent Poirier Ballina 3lb (T)+6+ 3lb (R) Fly; JP Guiblain Bohola 4lb (R) Fly; Ronnie McMorris N.Irl 5lb



0.25 1 0 0 0 1 Steve Thompson UK 3lb worm


0.20 6 0 1 3 2 Steve Thompson UK 3lb Worm; Christian Chamcioux France 5lb (R) Fly; Herbie Paruil N.Irl 4lb Worm; Vincent Poirier Ballina 3.5lb Fly; Liam Healy 4lb Worm; Pat McManus 4.5lb Worm


0.20 6 0 1 2 3 Geoff Belcher UK 2.5lb Worm; P Thornton UK 2.5+2lb Worm; Billy McGhee Ballyvary 2lb (R) Fly; Barry Doocey Ballyvary 4lb Fly; JP Guiblain Bohola 4lb (R) Fly


0.20 3 0 0 0 3 Tommy Glackin Dublin 3lb Worm Geoff Belcher UK 4lb Worm; Ferdiand Ostaof France 3lb Fly


0.20 0
Total Salmon         24  Fish Taken

13  Fish Released


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