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To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 28th June 2020. Water height this morning is 1.60 and dropping. There were a total of 130 this week. 95 Taken and 35 released plus 1 Sea Trout Released. You can download a copy of the report here Wk ending 28th June’20

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Frank Walsh Charlestown with a 6lb Salmon taken on the Bridge to Cloongee stretch of East Mayo Anglers waters

East Mayo Anglers Association

Angling Return

Week ending Sunday 28th June 2020
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments


0.60 23 0 0 2 21 Barry Doocey Ballyvary 4lb Fly; Peter Conmy Ballina 4lb W; Billy McGhee Ballyvary 3+3+3+4+4lb Fly (R); Anthony Lynch Tubbercurry 4+5lb W; Josephine Mannion Bonniconlon 4lb W; Bernard Mannion Castlerea 4.5lb W; Lenny Thompson Kiltimagh 10lb Fly; Martin Parker Foxford 5lb Fly (R) Jack Roache Kiltimagh 3.5lb Fly; Mixi Clarke Bohola 3lb (T)+2.5+3lb (R) Sp; Paul Walsh Kiltimagh 3.5lb W; Brian Connolly 2.5+3.5lb W; Peter Martin Ballina 4lb W; Ian Guegan Callow 9lb Sp (R); JP Guiblain Bohola 4lb Fly (R)


1.10 10 0 0 3 7 Eamonn McGreavey Swinford 5+5.5lb W; Karl Ott Foxford 5lb W; Jimmy Burns Swinford 6lb W; Pete McDonnell Castlebar 4lb W; John Walsh Castlebar 3lb W (R); Ian Guegan Callow 4.5lb Sp (R); JP Guiblain Bohola 3+3lb Fly (R); John Mulligan Athlone 4lb W



0.80 18 0 0 4 14 Noel Lydon Kiltimagh 4+5lb W; Tom Connolly 5lb W; Ian Guegan Callow 8lb Fly (R); Walter Possalt Foxford 3+4+4lb W; Daniel Irvine Bohola 8lb Sp; Donal Reilly Foxford 5.5+6.5lb (T)+3lb (R) W; Conal Reilly Foxford 4.5lb W; Pete McDonnell Castlebar 8lb W; Lenny Thompson Kiltimagh 6lb W; John Robinson 4lb W; Eamonn McGreavey Swinford 4+7lb W; Ian Guegan 4.5lbs Sea Trout (R) Fly


0.80 37 0 5 14 18 Noel O’Neill 3.5+4lb Sp; Paul Healy Sligo 5lb Sp; Mixi Clarke Bohola 3lb (T)+ 4lb (R) Sp; JP Guiblain Bohola 3lb Fly (R); Tomas Rowley Kiltimagh 4+5lb W; Lenny Thompson Kiltimagh 4+6+7lb W; Mick Duffy Longford 4+5lb Sp; Aidan Connolly Athlone 3+4.5lb W; Joe Moore Kildare 4lb W; Mike Duffy Longford 4+5lb W; Kevin Dolan Loughrea 4lb W; Michael O’Kane Derry 7.5lb (T)+5+5.5lb (R) Fly;  Seamus Commons Bohola 5.5lb (T)+3.5lb (R) Fly; David Turner Foxford 4lb Sp; John Geary Dublin 3lb W; Martin Keane Castlebar 3lb W; Martin Curry Swinford 4.5lb W; Brian Connolly Belfast 5lb (T)+3lb (R) Fly; Stephen Brown Knockmore 8lb Fly+13lb W; Jim Kilgallon Swinford 7.5lb W; Paul Kelly Sligo 6lb Sp; Paul Smyth Tipperary 4+5+7lb Sp


0.50 23 1 8 7 7 Ben Baynes Castlebar 3lb (R) Fly; Mark Salmon Westport 3lb Fly+3.5lb Sp; JP Guiblain Bohola 4+5lb (R) Fly; Michael O’Kane Derry 3.5+5lb (R) Fly; Brian Connolly Belfast 10.5lb(T)+4.5lb (R) Fly; John O’Neill 5lb (R); J Stafford 3.5lb Fly; Kevin Dolan Galway 3+3.5lb Fly (R); Peter McGuinness 3.5lb Fly; Gary Binley Foxford 7lb Fly; Kilian Commons Bohola 4.5lb Fly; Ian Guegan Callow 8.5lb (T)+6lb (R) Sp; David Brown 3+4.5lb Sp; Martin Parker Foxford 5lb Fly (R); Paul Kelly Sligo 6lb Sp; Jonathan Hanaghan Ballyvary 6lb Fly


0.80 15 0 1 5 9 Brendan O’Shea Kiltimagh 4lb W; Peter Conmy Ballina 4lb W; John Robinson Kildare 4lb W; Paul Sherington Shrule 7lb Sp; Ian Guegan Callow 4.5lb (R) Sp; David Brown 7.5lb Sp; Chris Kelly Sligo 6lb Sp; Paul Kelly Sligo 4lb (R) Sp; Jim Kelly Sligo 5lb (R) Sp; Darran Alexander Antrim 5+5+9lb W; Jonathan Moore Derry 3+6+6lb W


1.60 5 0 0 4 1 Michael O’Kane Derry 4lb W; Martin Curry Swinford 3+3.5lb W; Walter Posselt Foxford 3lb W; Darran Alexander Antrim 4lb W;
Total Salmon         95  Fish Taken

36 Fish Released

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