To all Anglers,

Please find below Catch Report for week ending 23rd June’19. Water height this morning is 0.40mtrs. You can also download a cipy of the report here wk ending 23rd June’19


East Mayo Anglers Association
Angling Return          Week ending Sunday 23rd June  2019
Day/Date Water Height (M) No. of Fish Ballintemple Oldcastle to The Gub The Gub to Ballylahan Bridge Ballylahan Bridge to Cloongee Comments


0.55 13 2 4 2 5 Mixi Clarke Bohola 5+4lb (T)+4lb (R) Sp; Mr Miguel France 5.5lb Sp; Mr Cheradame France 4lb Fly (R); Marc Duncalf UK 4lb Fly (R); Isabel Gallagher Swinford 11lb Sp; Paul Gough Ballyvary 4.5lb W; Jim Shiels  4.5lb (T)+3lb (R) ; Jeffrey Kilgallon Athlone 6lb W; Bob Thomas UK 3lb Fly; Jonathan Mone N.Irl 6.5lb Sp


0.65 9 0 3 3 3 Jeffrey Kilgallon Athlone 8lb W; Martin Kane Castlebar 8+6lb Sp; David Wilson N.Irl 4lb W; Sean Garvey Louth 4lb W; Paul Gough Ballyvary 4lb W; Ernie Kells N.Irl 4lb Sp; Bavent Elliot France 4lb Sp (R); Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Guille) 9lb fly (R)



0.50 9 0 1 4 4 Rigis Lemasquerier France 9lb W; John O’Connor Foxford 8+6lb W; Phil Beirne Castlebar 7lb Fly; Jean Claude France 4.5lb Fly; Ben Banes Castlebar 4lb Fly; Barry Doocey Ballyvary 7lb Fly; Darius Cepurartis Dublin 4.5lb Sp; Chris Burt N.Irl 4lb Fly (R)


0.45 9 0 1 4 4 Karl Off Germany 5lb Sp; Jean Lefere France 9lb W; Ben Banes Castlebar 4+2lb Fly (R); Paddy McDonnell Swinford (Guille) 7lb Fly (R); Sean Healy Swinford 2lb Sp (R); Chris Burt Germany 7lb Fly; Jim Ruane Castlebar 9lb Fly; Chris Kelly Sligo 5.5lb Sp;


0.40 4 0 0 4 0 Tyuse Risseenn Switzerland 13lb Fly; Sion Braim Wales 4+4lb Fly (R)+5lb W (T);


0.35 9 0 0 4 5 Sean Commons Bohola 4lb Sp; Fred Poignant France 2lb Sp+12lb W; Remy Poignant France 3lb Sp; Ivor O’connor Kerry 4lb (T)+3lb (R) Fly; Aidan Connolly Castlebar 3+4lb W; Rigis Lemasquerier France 3.5lb sp;


0.35 11 0 2 5 4 Ian Guegan Callow 4lb Fly; Patrick Lacombe France 3lb W; Jean Claude Coulon France 9lb Fly; C. Delaune France 2+4lb Fly; James McNicholas Meelick 3.5lb Fly; Eamon McGreevy Swinford 9lb W; Sion Braim Wales 4lb W; Ivor O’Connor Kerry 14lb W+4lb Fly +3lb Fly (R)
Total Salmon                 49  Fish Taken

15  Fish Released



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