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By Isabel Gallagher


To be able to go and fish on the Moy is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable pastimes. And to catch salmon must be a highlight for anyone. The thrill and adrenaline rush is like no other!

I have spent many hours fishing, mostly coming home empty handed, but nature has a way of soothing the soul and is a great de-stressor, so it is not all about the fish.

When one does catch however the choice is keep for the table or release. Of course, we all like to keep an odd one but releasing means ensuring the fish get to spawn and so the cycle continues.

There is nothing quite like cooking your own catch & presenting to the family, and nothing beats a home cooked meal.

I am starting with a remarkably simple recipe, but one that is a great favourite and I hope it will be enjoyed by many.

Pan fried Salmon



2 Fillets of Salmon
1 oz Butter
Half lemon juiced



Heat a heavy based frying pan, add butter.
When the butter has melted and is just starting to smoke, add the salmon fillets.
Cook for 2 minutes each side and lift off to a warmed plate.
Serve with a choice of vegetable or a fresh salad of lettuce, tomatoes and spring onions and tomato salsa.


Tomato Salsa

Fry some onions in your pan, add fresh chopped tomatoes and several torn basil leaves. Cook for a few minutes and enjoy with the salmon fillets or any fresh fish. For a change you can add some grated cheese to the salsa and just let it melt before removing from the pan, yum!

This is my personal favourite way to cook salmon. Its quick and easy and flavoursome.

Changing the accompaniments makes a whole new dish each time but of course the salmon remains the star of the dish.

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